API visme.

Welcome to the visme.top API

Welcome to the visme.top API

Last update: 25.04.2024

General information
Welcome to the visme.top API, your comprehensive tool for managing, tracking, and optimizing your shortened URLs. Designed to streamline your link management tasks, our API offers a wide range of features tailored to meet your needs.

Base URL
All API requests must be made to the following base URL:


You need to use in HTTP requests only HTTPS protocol and UTF-8 encoding.

All responses are returned in JSON format and UTF-8 encoding.
Possible response HTTP status codes:

200 OK. The request was processed successfully.
404 Not Found. Unknown API Method.
500 Internal Server Error. The error is related to technical problems on the server. Additional information on the request, error description or recommendations can be found in the message field.

Create short link
Example of a request without a password:

Example of a request without a password:

xxxxxxxx - Your client key.
https://example.com - Your link.
qwerty - Your password.

If you would like to buy a key to our API, please contact us for pricing and terms.

Response example (JSON):
If successful:


Invalid key:


Incorrect URL:


Incorrect password:


Password must be at least 6 characters long and contain English letters, without spaces!